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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland

Parkland Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Is it time to make the plunge to upgrade your kitchen with custom cabinets? Many Parkland homeowners have already replaced their old cabinets. What are your dreams for the perfect kitchen? It will probably include cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, and an island. Whatever your needs, our team of seasoned craftsman will meet them to perfection. How to Upgrade Your Kitchen with Custom Cabinets

Sunshine Alliance Cabinets & Millwork has been creating great looking cabinets for South Florida homes for nearly two decades. We work with hundreds of homeowners who are building new homes and those who want a renovation project. No job is too small or too large for our professional team of craftsmen. We will remove your old kitchen cabinets and replace them with new, high-quality custom cabinets that will take your breath away.


What We Will Do for Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you have stock or homemade kitchen cabinets, we will remove them and fill in the areas with custom-made cabinets that will last a lifetime. Our team has built cabinets for homes, yachts, businesses, and apartments. Our craftsmen have introduced the latest concepts of using the highest quality materials and specialized skills.


Our talents are not limited to creating traditional cabinets. We keep up on the latest trends for contemporary, modern, classic, or rustic kitchens. We pay close attention to detail to follow your plans and create superior work. Our team also:


Is known as the cabinet industry innovators

Works closely with all of our clients’ specific plans

Uses the latest equipment to manufacture sturdy cabinets

Assembles cabinetry to last for generations

Finishes cabinets with your choice of hardware.

Professionally applies stains, paint, and finishes.

What Style of Kitchen Cabinet Design Suits You?Additionally, our company will create semi-custom kitchen cabinets if you are not in the market for full custom units. Our craftsmanship is equally excellent on either style of kitchen cabinets.


What Style of Kitchen Cabinet Design Suits You?

Homeowners enjoy a variety of kitchen cabinet designs in Parkland. Do you prefer something old or something new? We can provide cabinets with the following features:


Traditional, contemporary, modern, country, or eclectic designs

Arched, cathedral, or European concepts

Decorative molding, vivid colors, durable finishes

Raised or recessed panels, vintage details

We welcome other kitchen cabinet designs and plans not listed above. Your design and dreams become our work, and we guarantee the results.


Where to Find Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinet Design

For some people, deciding on their kitchen cabinet design is easy. For others, it takes a lot of research and planning to find just the right ideas. Here are some places to find inspiration;


Search online

Visit homes

DIY store catalog

Cabinet maker’s catalog

Your imagination

Cabinets you have seen in the past

The good news is there are many different and beautiful kitchen cabinet designs available.


What About Kitchen Cabinet Materials?

No kitchen cabinet plans are complete without selecting the type of wood and hardware. Many choices are available including the variety of wood, grain patterns, natural characteristics, and colors. Natural wood color can be enhanced to meet your preferences by staining the wood. Here are some popular cabinet woods used in Florida:


→Cherry →Maple →Oak


→Alder →Hickory →Birch


→Pecan →Walnut →Popular


The prices of woods vary by their availability, size of boards, and finished condition. Be creative, get a free consultation, and we will do the rest. Next, read about kitchen cabinet hardware.


Don’t Forget the Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

Don’t Forget the Cabinet and Drawer HardwareChoosing cabinet and drawer hardware is an essential step in creating your dream cabinets. Knobs, pulls, hinges and drawer slides should be selected to complement the wood and its color. Hardware can affect the look and feel of the entire room.


Some homeowners want newly manufactured hardware while others prefer recycled pieces from old homes or buildings. New materials look pretty and shiny while recycled hardware can be modified and cleaned up a unique feel to the room. We will meet your needs in any material type.


Many styles of hardware are available such as contemporary, modern, traditional, vintage, and international. Knobs and pulls are popular on doors. Other styles are metal ring pulls and horizontal tubular pulls. Hammered iron handles painted black can be captivating. Hardware from other countries is another fascinating choice. There are plenty of options found online.


Don’t Forget the Cabinet and Drawer HardwareThe materials used for hardware are many and varied and include:


Metal and Wood

Porcelain and plastic

Glass and stone


Your choices should be ones that are durable and can be mounted securely. Use your creativity and amaze your family and friends.


Additionally, there are finishes galore when it comes to hardware. You can try brass, copper, silver, gold, brushed nickel, antique finishes, and many others to match your woods. Don’t forget the drawer slides that can close themselves. Call us at 954.637.7317 for a free consultation and estimate of costs. Dress up your cabinets with the right hardware, and you will enjoy them for a lifetime.






Take Your Delray Beach Kitchen Cabinets Beyond Simple Storage with Custom Cabinets

Dress up your kitchen cabinets with custom designs, colors, and hardware that create an amazing kitchen area. You can do this with traditional looking or modern styles of cabinets. Let your kitchen go far beyond plain old cupboards and backsplashes. If you live in Delray Beach, cooking and food preparation can be the heart and soul of a home and what better place to express your personality for the family and for your love of cooking, then in the kitchen.


You will find craftsmen to custom design and build the perfect kitchen for you and your family. There are some amazing trends that can take your breath away. Which will you choose for your home? Will it be designs, colors, hardware, or all of these? Look at these trendy ideas:Kitchen Cabinets Simple Storage


Finishes that are mix and match

Using vibrant colors for brightening up

Dark countertops that contrast well

Fancier islands that really stand out

Many people, especially the younger generations are spending more time in the kitchen. They like to cook and entertain more than many of their parents did.


Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinets Finishes

Researchers at Sherwin-Williams Paint Company tell us that mixing and matching finishes on cabinets and islands is the new trend. Few people are using a single color for all of their cabinets. Here is a quote from their paint director. “Using multiple colors in kitchens has become a popular trend this year. For example, painting base walls or cabinets in a dark charcoal tone and upper cabinets and walls in creamy off-white tones is something we’re seeing more and more of.” Let your imagination be your guide in the kitchen.


You may want to paint the outside of a food prep island a different color than the cabinet – upper or lower. The floor can be a contrasting color; so can the window. Mixing and matching finishes can produce exciting results.


Using Vibrant Colors With Kitchen Cabinets

 Kitchen CabinetsVibrant colors make a kitchen brighter and add life to all that goes on there. Use a vibrant light yellow, blue, or green to spice things up. Lavender provides a spring-like atmosphere. Some people think of their kitchens like a flower garden, full of colors and wonders.


If you also add shelving, consider using a color other than white. The inside of your cabinets, drawers, and pantry do not have to be white either. Go for vibrant colors that go well with the rest of the kitchen décor.


Dark Countertops Will Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

Darker color countertops have been making the scene for a few years and they are now the order of the day. There are several durable materials from which countertops can be made such as granite, marble, and slate. You can use their natural hues or have them colored.


Dark countertops don’t show food stains as much as light colored ones. Choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Coordinate the colors of the floors, walls, and custom cabinets for an out-of-this-world creation.


Shaker Cabinets

These cabinets go back to Colonial American days. They are simple in style, yet very attractive. They tend to have these basic features for doors, cabinets, and drawers:


Recessed panel doors

Light color and stain finishes

Basic and simple hardware

Minimal adornments

Made with hardwood

Some veneer is used for<

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland
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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland Custom Kitchen Cabinets Parkland
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