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As interior designers, we make the world better. We accomplish this not only by creating beautiful spaces, but also by considering how these places will influence their occupants positively. Are you looking to improve employee performance through interior design in your Overland Park business? Then Alejandro Design Studio is the place for you.

How private should office spaces be?

How private is too private when it comes to office spaces? This is a question many employers ponder when thinking about office layout and design. Privacy is essential because it gives your employees a quiet area where they are able to concentrate and do their work effectively. Too much privacy, however, can be detrimental to teamwork and the overall safety in the office.

When designing offices, we recommend providing multiple exits in shared spaces where too much privacy could work against your employees. When designing enclosed spaces, consider the level of privacy of the areas. Little transparency in an enclosed space can be detrimental to expressiveness, confidence, and productivity of your employees. These spaces call for visual clarity, which also maintains acoustic privacy.  

Transparency in office spaces

Too much openness makes employees vulnerable and exposed. It exposes them to loud conversations and interruptions that reduce their focus and productivity. Too little transparency and they feel boxed in and unsafe. Interior design allows us to achieve a balance between the two and create an environment that is suitable for all your employees.

The working spaces can affect how your employees interact with each other and how productive they are. With this in mind, we create office spaces that promote teamwork and maximize your workers’ productivity. Our office designs provide the right balance of openness and privacy by creating visual privacy through the use of strategic furniture placement and orientation. To meet everyone’s privacy needs, we propose a layering approach where the space thoughtfully progresses from enclosed spaces to semi-private to completely open spaces.    

Are you planning for modern interior design in Overland Park?

A modern office is popular for its clean and functional layout. It is well lit and ventilated and comes alive with the addition of a few well thought out elements of color and décor. Modern office design is suitable for open spaces, thus promotes collaboration and flexible use of space. The area has to be well lit and ventilated, providing a comfortable environment for your workers.    

Technology integration is also crucial because it facilitates remote working, which is a popular feature in modern office spaces. Portable devices and connectivity to a Wi-Fi network allow employees to work anywhere within the office. The open layout, coupled with tasteful ergonomic furniture, creates a relaxing ambiance that your employees will love to work in, and maximizes their productivity.

At Alejandro Design Studio, we provide the best interior design in Overland Park. One that will ensure your employees are not only comfortable, but that your brand colors, values, and work culture is also incorporated. Contact us today for the best in office interior design! 

interior design Overland Park
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