For our first blog, we at Alejandro Design Studio begin with an essential vocabulary lesson in design vocabulary.


Words are power….the correct words empower you….especially in the design world.

Interior Designer vs Decorator 

 An interior designer is a creative professional who uses art and the science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building. They have studied the theory and practice of design in considerable detail. Their knowledge includes (but is not limited to):

-Building Systems and Technologies-Sustainable Design and Building Practices-
-Lighting Design-Material Selection-Project Management

              The interior designer has earned a university degree: 
Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)
– Master of Fine Art (MFA)
– Doctorate of Fine Art (DA)

 A decorator is concerned with the adorning of a space with fashionable/trendy furnishings, paint, fabrics.etc.Anyone may call themselves a decorator..no degree or educational background in art or design is required. 

          An interior designer may decorator…but a decorator can NOT design.

             Design lasts….fashionable/trendy decoration has a shelf life.

Your space should reflect were you have been and where you are going.Create something that will last with a professional that has the background and training to translate your dreams into a physical reality. 

     Remember your home is who you are…and should reflect your spirit.   

Architect vs Interior Designer 

An architect is a professional that develops plans for buildings. An architect possess analytical and problem solving skills that are employed to create and design plans for their clients. 

                              The architect has earned a university degree:

Bachelor degree in Architecture (B.Arch.)
– Master degree in Architecture(M.A)
– Doctorate degree in Architecture (DA)

An interior designer employs their artistic sense along with their technical knowledge to determine how to set up the interior space of a building that an architect has designed (either residential or commercial).

Anyone that is serious about what they are building or where they will actually live should enlist the knowledge of an architect AND an interior designer. 

             Architects build buildings….Interior Designers correct their mistakes.

                   (…before there is a HUGE backlash from that statement…I was just jesting..)

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